Building Information Modeling
(BIM) Design

3D BIM Modelling

Provides visual representation for the hook-up tools. This enables respective parties to visualize and have an idea of the overall picture before any construction begins. This will reduce the time spend on finding a routing when the pre-designed routing is given in 3D layout.

4D BIM Modelling

Can facilitate some early pre-prefabrication work to be performed prior to new tool equipment arrival. This enhance the work efficiency and schedule planning for tools install hook-up.

5D BIM Modelling Design

Can create a more accurate ISO and BOM – especially in the overall total length of individual routing. This will provide a cost estimate before construction begins.

In addition, 5D BIM Modelling is also able to identify and address potential clashes or obstruction between services and base built before construction. With sufficient BIM data on existing services, 3D Scanning of actual work completion and unit cost of new utilities installation etc, it also offers an effective cost monitoring & control solution in managing Tools Install Hook-up project.

3D Geometry

4D Time Management

5D Cost Management

Sample 3D design, On site construction (3D scanning ) and As-built.

3D scanning & As-built design overlay