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Bulk Gas Purifiers

The semiconductor fabrication process involves a variety of source gases and carrier gases. For the fabrication of higher quality semiconductors, our complete line of gas purifiers allows the user to select the optimal solution for the type of gas used.

Normal-temperature adsorption gas purifier

VP-Series Gas Purifiers

Japan Pionics is a pioneer of gas purifiers with the world’s highest level of gas purification technology and a broad range of technologies acquired through many years of experience. The VP-Series Gas Purifiers was developed by Japan Pionics to deliver the ultimate gas purity and incorporate environmental and safety features that provide security and reliability.

Features :

  • The use of an original catalyst developed by our company allows gas purification to high levels of purity.
  • For switching between the purification series, it is possible to set the optimal series switching time for the source gas flow rate and concentration of impurities. Because it is also possible to switch the series based on the total flow, the switching time is longer when lower flow speeds are used, saving energy.
  • Space-saving installation (18% less than our other products) *1
  • The maintenance spaces are generally in front of and behind the equipment, allowing other equipment to be installed directly on either side of this equipment. (However space for the earthquake-resistant fittings is necessary.)
  • Conforms to standards (SEMI, ASME, ML, others).

*1 Model for comparison: VP-AN50


Palladium alloy membrane permeation hydrogen gas purifier


Features :

  • Provides dust-free, ultra-high purity hydrogen with its purification method based on selective permeation through a palladium alloy membrane that rejects permeation of any substance other than hydrogen.
  • Our palladium cell has a long lifetime *1. Ensures great rigidity, high durability and superior hydrogen permeability with fine tubes of a palladium alloy that was developed independently by our company.
    Ensures great rigidity, high durability and superior hydrogen permeability with fine tubes of palladium alloy.
  • It consistently provides stable, ultra-high purity hydrogen, obviating the need for regeneration.
  • Designed to operate in fully automatic mode.

*1 Proven results: 7 years or more


Getter-type gas purifier 


Features :

  • Allows purification of gas to ultra-high purity temperatures with the aid of our originally developed getter.
  • Allows removal of nitrogen(N2), which is difficult with adsorption at normal temperature.
  • Displays the total purified gas volume and the total purification time of the reaction column (getter), allowing the operator to check the remaining purification capacity of the column.
  • The getter lifetime is long. (URT: 20,000 hr UHG: 9,000 hr)
  • Allows setting ON/OFF the reaction column heater at predetermined timing with week-based operation programming.(URT type)

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